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JoUrNey of My liFe!!

salam to all~~~

actually this post is specially made for Computer Aided Drug Design subject..suddenly our lecturer asked us to create a blog start with this topic...i really don't know where to start..haha..sorry madam.. i do wish to tell u my journey.. but u see life is so complicated..due to that it is so hard to put it in words...but i will try my best to tell u my story since i'm actually planning to do it before...except not planning to do it in one post..('',)

so let's name..sharifah nabihah syed othman..people called me neeb...why?? don't ask me.. ask them who called me with that name...haha...First and for most..i would like to show my gratitude to Allah for allowing me to live in this world as a muslim. Because of Him, I have a chance to live in this overwhelm family which I would never ever want to replace. Alhamdulillah, my parent, both were so supportive and very understanding. Ever since I am a kid, they have helped me go through my life and they will always there for me where and when ever I need them until now. My family is the best gift that Allah had given me.

My journey begin with

Kindergarten- Tadika Ehsan, Seksyen 3, Shah Alam, Selangor (1992)

I have entered the kindergarten when I’m about five years old. During this period I’ve been taught the basic Islamic knowledge and learned how to make friends.

The primary school - Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira’, klang, Selangor (1993-1998)

Thanks for my parents for giving me this opportunity to continue my Islamic study. At least that was their intension though. But for me, I think I agreed to enter the school because most of my friends from kindergarten went to that school, so I was quite happy. I’m pretty sure that was my reason. During this period, I’ve been taught to be independent and learned to mingle around different type of people.

The secondary school – Sekolah Menengah Islam Hira’, (1999-2003)

I started my secondary school at a week of Ramadhan with a bright hope in my heart; from the school plan that was shown to us during our standard six, the school was very beautiful. It is two storeys high, with a fountain in the middle almost like KOM. Haha...just kidding…well at least I can say, for a boarding school that would occupy only form 1 and 2 at that me the plan was amazing..

Unfortunately, How disappointed was I when arriving; we were greeted with red soil, there was only three building standing and they were all only one storey high. And that was before knowing that we have to break our fast in the dark due to the incomplete electrical supply. Can u imagine, that time we were only 13 years old. Haha.. it was so funny and frustrated. Even until now I’m still surprise that I can survived and dare to stand with that kind of school.

A lot of things happen during my five years there. But, I have learned a lot. Special thanks to all my teachers for teaching me the most expensive knowledge and for the wonderful experiences. I believe that, this school was the main factor that influence the way I am now.

Matriculation Center IIUM (2004 – 2006)

Here is the place where I learned how to make choices. It was a difficult path but at the same time it teaches me to challenge myself. I need to think further in every step I take and during this time, I notice that life is really not simple. It full with choices and obstacles.

IIUM (2007-2010)

Well here I am now..studying, learning and seeking the knowledge that would help me to enter the next phase that called "work". I am glad that i have entered UIA. I meet many magnificent people especially my classmate where i know for almost 4 years now. I would really hope that our friendship can last forever.

With these amazing journey, I can only thanks to ALLAH for allowing me to have a wonderful family, surround within good environment and among very good people.

So that was brief even though it's not look like brief at all...haha

for my FYP summary:-

herm..My project relate with plant tissue culture. I'm going to extract the leaves tissue culture of tongkat ali, then going to find the secondary metabolite compound from the extraction product. It is quite tough and going to take a lot of time. So to all my friends, who already finished their project, u r most welcome to KOP, Lab tissue culture, level 3. around 1100 tissue culture are waiting..haha...

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